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My Personal Data Leaked by WikiLeaks?!?!?!

Back on September 11, 2001, I was the owner/operator of a Internet Service Provider in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  In addition to the dealing with the terrorist events that day, we also were experiencing some system problems that morning.  We were working on the system problems at the same time that the attacks were occuring in New York City.

Back in November of 2009 I recall hearing that Wikileaks.org had released pager messagesfrom that day.  I guess I was a bit intrigued by it.  However I really did not grasp what it really meant.  I guess I was under the assumption that the messages were more government/EMS related.

Imagine my surprise today while I was searching for something in Google I ran across a site that had this content:

2001-09-1103:08:51Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton FTP,POP3 DOWN at 02:03:51|Server newton FTP,POP3 DOWN at 02:03:51 Add
2001-09-1103:10:06Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server volt WWW DOWN at 02:03:53|Server volt WWW DOWN at 02:03:53 Address: 206.145.
2001-09-1103:11:51Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton FTP,POP3 UP at 02:03:55|Server newton FTP,POP3 UP at 02:03:55 Address
2001-09-1103:37:36Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton FTP,POP3 DOWN at 02:31:15|Server newton FTP,POP3 DOWN at 02:31:15 Add
2001-09-1103:38:36Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton FTP,POP3 UP at 02:31:21|Server newton FTP,POP3 UP at 02:31:21 Address
2001-09-1103:40:36Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton UP at 02:35:15|Server newton UP at 02:35:15 Address: Inf
2001-09-1110:28:07Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server bell UP at 09:22:45|Server bell UP at 09:22:45 Address: Info 1:
2001-09-1110:29:07Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton DOWN at 09:22:42|Server newton DOWN at 09:22:42 Address:
2001-09-1110:30:37Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server bell DOWN at 09:22:45|Server bell DOWN at 09:22:45 Address: Inf
2001-09-1110:31:07Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP at 09:22:44|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP at 09:22:44 A
2001-09-1110:32:37Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton DOWN at 09:22:44|Server newton DOWN at 09:22:44 Address:
2001-09-1110:33:07Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server newton UP at 09:22:46|Server newton UP at 09:22:46 Address: Inf
2001-09-1110:34:37Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP at 09:22:43|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP at 09:22:43 A
2001-09-1110:35:37Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline DOWN at 09:22:42|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline DOWN at 09:22:
2001-09-1110:36:37Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Server volt DOWN at 09:22:42|Server volt DOWN at 09:22:42 Address: In
2001-09-1110:37:24Skytel[004702132]BALPHAr volt UP at 09:22:46|Server volt UP at 09:22:46 Address: Info 1
2001-09-1110:39:07Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP at 09:22:45|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP a
2001-09-1110:39:09Skytel[004702132]BALPHAt 09:22:45 A
2001-09-1110:40:37Skytel[004702132]BALPHAsupport@pconline.com|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP at 09:35:19|Router MRNet-msc-pcOnline UP at 09:35:19 A

These are the exact text messages that were sent by our automated monitoring system during that time.

I discovered that there were pages from multiple paging companies contained on the site.  So I doubt there was any leak at a paging company.  I know that pager messages are fairly easy to intercept but had no idea that there are folks out there archiving them.

But this is a great reminder of how you should be careful before sending any kind of confidential information in a page/text message.

I did not post a link to the site that I found these pages on because I do not want to help them get ranked higher in search engine results.  It should not be hard for you to find it if you want to go look for it yourself.

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