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Review of Diamon-Fusion Autoglass Coating

In Janurary of 2007 I purchased a new vehicle.  At the time of purchase I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a product called Diamon-Fusion (Although I see many references to Diamond Fusion) that would be applied to my windshield before delivery.  I have been less than impressed with it’s preformance. 

When the product was presented to me it was touted as a product very different from RainX.  I was told that it formed a molecular bond with my windshield.  Not only would it provide RainX type features, but I was told that it would help my windshield resist chips and cracks – in fact I was told it came with a windshield warranty!   I had always loved the effect that RainX had on my windshield, but did not enjoy having to reapply it every few months.  The prospect of a product that would not have to be re-applied appealed to me very much.  The over $300 price tag didn’t seem like much, especially with the 4 year warranty that was promised.

After picking up my vehicle I was amazed at the performance.  When driving at any speed over 45 MPH I would not even have to have my windshield wipers on.  The product would shed water so well it would just slide off.  I was impressed.

It is now April of 2007 – only 3 months after I purchased my vehicle and had the Diamon-Fusion Product applied at the dealer.  The water beading effect is totally gone.  When comparing my windshield to the other auto glass on my vehicle, it has no better qualities than the rest of my glass.

I had asked at the time of purchase if any maintenance was required.  The dealer told me no, however I did receive a spay bottle in the mail from Diamon-Fusion shortly after purchasing the vehicle stating that if the effect was wearing off I could renew it by applying this spay. 

The prospect of bringing my vehicle back to the dealer every 3 months to have it reapplied over the course of the next 3 years does not sit well with me.

I figure I could purchase about 42 bottles of RainX for what I paid for this one application of Diamon-Fusion.  And bringing my vehicle in for a reapplication is far more time consuming than if I just applied the RainX myself.

I wish I had discovered this article before my purchase:


When doing searchs I find it helpful to also try Diamond Fusion (with a “d” at the end)  as many people get them confused.

After mentioning my issues to one of the service advisors I was told that yes you do have to apply the maintenance spray regularly.  I was told there was nothing that they could do.  I asked how is that any different than using RainX?  I was told that you still have the anti-glare properties (I really don’t notice that) and that I have the guarantee of windhsield replacement should I ever get a crack.  I thought maybe the warranty would be worth it.

When reviewing the warranty document that I received when I picked up my vehicle, I discovered the following:

  • I only have a standard warranty.  To get winshield replacement if it is determined that the windshield is not repairable required the “Replacement Plus Warranty”.  I was never offered this option, yet I was told that repair/replacement was part of the warranty.
  • Here is what the standard warranty covers:  “Covers repair costs only, not the replacement of the whindshield.  For any windshield damage described herein which is deemed non-repairable, the customer must pay for the cost of the replacement at the time of the replacement.  Whishield damage is deemed non-repairable if said chip or crack lies in the direct vision of the driver, if the crack is over 6 inches in length, if there is an actual hole in the glass, or if the repair compromises the overall integrity of the windshield.

Heck, based on all of that when will they ever pay to fix a chip or crack?

Based on my expereince, purchase glass coverage from your auto insurance agent and buy a few bottles of RainX.

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  • Andrey Prokofiev June 24, 2008, 10:23 am

    I second that. Total scam.
    It stops working after 3 months and the “warranty” only covers a $20 repair job that you could do yourself buying a glass repair kit from Wal-mart for $5. Most of auto insurance companies would pay for the job and waive deductible, so there’s not benefit of that warranty.
    If you have a small chip, the “certified technician” would overpressure the repair so that the glass cracks and you’ll have to pay extra out of your pocket to replace the windshield anyway.

  • Kline Price September 8, 2008, 8:18 pm

    I had the same experience. I bought DF after a new car purchase, and in 3 months the rain would begin to sheet off the glass at 75mph only. Rainx works much better. I call the guy who applied the DF and he came out to reapply it again, and it’s still no better. I’m pissed because my story is the same as you guys. I’m a new Dad & thought I was doing something good for the family by buying a product that would help me and my wife see the road better in rainy conditions. I have yet to goto Angies list to tell of my experience, and you can bet I will. Question? Did you guys notice that the spray bottle sent to us by DF smells like, applies like, and performs like Rainx? If I was rich I would pay a CSI like company to test Chem properties of the two, and then sue the makers. I just blew $300 for nothing.

  • George Halas November 21, 2008, 10:54 am

    A Rain-X competitor is applied by some auto dealers but available for DIY – “Aquapel Glass Treaetment” – supposedly developed by PPG, supposedly for Airplane pre-takeoff treatment against rain and ice .
    search for: “Aquapel Glass Treaetment” at places like:

    It’s carried by TireRack.com, which sounds like a positive vote,
    and avail @ amazon, eBay. It claims to last 10x longer than RainX.
    I liked DiamonFusion’s “fill the cracks” feature . .

  • Mary Adams November 4, 2009, 7:32 am

    I had the same experience as Andrey. I had a very small chip in my windshield. The tech came and “repaired” the chip. He acknowledged that he turned the chip into a 2-inch crack, but said not to worry because the crack had filled with the epoxy (although it certainly did not look like it to me). The following day, the crack proceeded across my entire windshield. my husband and I started questioning the entire purchase. Once we found out we could not got to anyone else to have the windshield replaced AND that the replacement was an after-market windeshield. We decided to use our car insurance (a total of $100 deductible vs the $599 we paid for the diamon-fusion) and go to a reputable auto-glass company. I also found out that windshields now are responsible for much of your car’s structural integrity. These obviously incompetent windshield repairers do not use appropriate adhesives nor do they know how to do a proper installation, resulting in potential for serious injury in the result of an accident. I feel very stupid, but a little smarter for my experience. My late Aunt Joyce always called it “tuition.” It is expensive, but you can learn from it.

  • Sandy March 28, 2010, 3:45 pm

    Well. I used to be a rainx dude up until I discovered Aquapel from PPG. It is very difficult to get here in the east coast but I ordered at Amazon ($9.99) and it took like 10 minutes for me to apply it on my windshield. It is now 5 months after first application and it still works like a charm. You can apply this to your side windows and those last like 2 years since there are no wipers that come in contact with the glass. Aquapel guarantees one application to last for 6 months. It actually bonds with your glass and becomes very smooth.
    I always had my doubts on Diamond Fusion and it is similar to the “Throttle body cleaning” recommended maintenance that the dealers try to sell during a service visit. Outright scam!!!

  • Andrew April 12, 2010, 2:01 am

    Just because u fell for a sellsman not telling yiou everything about a product does not make it a bad product. The maintance that you are complaining about take 10 mins out of your day and with the fact that the Hydrophobic properties are 20 times better then rainx i think you got a great deal. Then you robbed them with a bearly over $300 Price tag you stole the producted. Most car dealerships now charge up to $1000 with the 4-Year warranty and only give you 3 wipes that are good for the first year then charge you For the rest of the time. And if you bought the product because you like the water beading off then you really did not lisen to the sells pitch. Diamon Fusion is for windshield strengthing so that you do not have to replace your windshield as often, and the argument with just using your insurance is mute for if you make a claim with your insurance company for anything it makes them not like you to much. They will give you an extra discount as well for not making claim so going with a Warranty is really smart. Now you have to remember that Diamon Fusion is not the end all save all to windsheild damage they can still get broken and have to be repaired but with they Lifetime Warranty on the product its self that alone makes it with it for as long as you own your car you will always get a new application of Diamon Fusion. So Tell me what is there really to complain about it is a good solid buy.

  • daleh April 14, 2010, 9:49 pm

    But they will not repair any damage that is in the drivers line of sight – how is that a warranty? And my experience with RainX on my other vehicles has been just as good as the coating on my Diamon Fusion vehicle. I do not see any benefit. It takes me just as much time to apply RainX as it does their rejuvenator.

    I am not sold at all on the windshield strengthening properties. Someone will have to provide me some solid proof of that. I have chips in my Diamon Fusion windshield just like my other vehicles.

  • theglassman July 9, 2011, 11:51 am

    I wanted to take a minute to correct what I think are some fundamental misunderstandings about this product. No disrespect intended, but the comments about this product seem to be the work of laymen who have little understanding of auto glass or the properties of glass in general and this product may be incorrectly getting a bad rap through no fault of its own.

    First off, let me explain why I believe I am qualified to speak about this product. I have been in the auto glass replacement industry for over 25 years. I have replaced thousands on windshields and other pieces of glass on ordinary street cars, race cars, classic cars, farm equipment, construction equipment, motor homes, boats, 18 wheelers, trains, dune buggies and just about anything else that you can drive and I have dealt with windshield damage from every conceivable cause. Secondly, I do not have a dog in this hunt. I am not affiliated with DFI, nor have I ever been, nor do I know anyone who is. I am speaking solely as someone with knowledge of auto glass and has also seen this product function first hand.

    For starters, you have to look at the Diamon Fusion application as a two part process with to completely separate and unique functions. Probably the easiest way to understand how it works is to compare the 2 part Diamon Fusion process to clear coat and wax.on a car’s paint, the clear coat equating to the Diamon Fusion part 1 and the wax to part 2, very separate and unique functions. The clear coat is there to provide a barrier between the external surface of the paint and the elements. The clear coat does provide a level of protection for the paint in that it will prevent oxidation and prevent dirt, chemicals, moisture etc. from making direct contact with the paint and eventually diminishing the integrity of the painted surface. It is common for the clear coat layer(s) to prevent paint chips and scratches from minor contact however it will not protect the body of the vehicle from dents caused by heavy contact and no one would ever expect it to. Any wax we apply to the clear coat will cause the nice beading effect when rained on and does provide for a nice shiny vehicle but, of course, these properties wear off over time and the wax needs to be reapplied. However, simply because the properties of the wax diminish, it does not mean that the clear coat is gone. We just never really think about the clear coat being there. As this equates to the Diamon Fusion product, simply because the water beading properties of Part 2 diminish over time it does not mean that the protection of Part 1, the “clear coat” does not remain. The purpose of Part 1, just like the clear coat, is to provide a barrier between the exterior surface of the glass and the outside elements, protecting the integrity of the surface and preserving the optical clarity of the windshield. Just because Part 2 will need to be applied from time to time it does not mean that Part 1 is not there and doing its job. And, just like no one would expect a layer of clear coat to prevent the paint from being damaged by a rolling shopping cart, no one should expect Part 1 of the Diamon Fusion product from repelling a large rock. But, just as the clear coat protects the paint surface from the day to day sand-blasting, nicking and scratching of road debris, the Diamon Fusion Part 1 will protect the surface of the glass from same. The rain beading property of Part 2 is a completely separate function from the surface protection function of Part 1 but, unfortunately, the only part that the lay customer car see with his or her eyes. In comparison, products like Rain-X or Aquapel function as a wax only and offer zero protection to the glass surface.

    As to whether this Diamon Fusion product can be considered a “scam’, I think one needs to separate the actual function of the product itself from the associated charges and warranties. If someone is over-charging for the product, over-selling its capabilities or offering a dubious and confusing warranty, it does not necessarily mean that the product itself is flawed. Some of the application charges I have seen are extremely high when compared to the cost of the actual kit and the relatively short time it takes to apply. Does it prevent windshield damage? Sand pitting? Definitely. Stone chips? Probably some, but it’s impossible to say for sure. Stone chips are like snowflakes with no two ever exactly alike. Every stone is of different size, shape, weight and contacts the windshield at a different relative speed and trajectory. There have been some very unscientific tests done on Youtube with BB guns, etc. most likely done by folks who are attempting to sell the product. If I had to make a determination based on my experience in the industry and my knowledge of the product, I would say that the Diamon Fusion product will probably prevent some, but not all, stone chips and will probably reduce the severity of the chips you do get. That’s actually saying quite a bit because it may be the difference between a complete windshield replacement and a chip repair, or a chip repair vs. no damage. The main benefit you will get out of this product is the preservation of the optical clarity of your windshield over the course of time and a marked reduction in the stone pitting / sand blasting effect that comes with highway driving. It is not fair to judge the quality of the product as a whole just by whether or not it beads water. I hope I have cleared up some misconceptions here.

  • Bill Nelson October 19, 2011, 4:10 pm

    I have been in the glass business for 41 years & have seen all the hype . I would sell you a service contract for a thousand dollars & laugh all the way to the bank .

  • JJ November 4, 2011, 3:11 am

    I’ve sold this stuff at our Toyota dealer and there was a bit of hype. So I decided to get it done to my own car. Didn’t work at all! Driving behind a gravel truck and when the trunk hit a bump in the road, it started spilling gravel all over. Next thing I know a loud smack and my windshield crack spread within 10 minutes. That was when I actually read the fine print. Guess what, it’s not covered! It only costed me about $100, but it was wasted. I wouldn’t sell this to anyone now.

  • JJ November 4, 2011, 3:13 am

    by the way, “glassman”, you should try harder to not look like you don’t represent the company in any way.

  • fred hare November 13, 2011, 6:56 pm

    They charge enough for the vehicle when you purchase it then they talk you in to buy all the extra coverages.Things like paint protection ,fabric protection,interior cavity rust protection ,under body corrosion and sound protection ,vinyl and leather protection and on and on and on.Do you want some good advise ,save your money .How long does the average person keep a vehicle for maybe 5 years.

    Thanks Fred

  • DFI, Inc. March 2, 2012, 5:10 pm


    I am a representative from Diamon-Fusion International. We regret the negative experience some of you seem to have encountered with our product and the incorrect information you may have received from various dealers and installers, and we’d like to help clear up any misinformation you might have been given. I hope it’s ok if we answer some of the what seems like are the most confusing points.

    -Basic background: Diamon-Fusion® is a low-maintenance, not a no-maintenance, coating for silica-based surfaces (glass, porcelain, tile, granite, & quartz). Using most brand name cleaners on the market to clean DFI treated glass is harmful because they are acidic and harsh. Diamon-Fusion® is easily cleaned with just mild soap and water, so no harsh chemicals are needed.

    -Because it is a patented product and is typically professionally applied, it has not been generally available to the public through retail outlets. We are the owner of the technology, therefore, all dealers and applicators set their own pricing and warranty policies. Many variations of coverages, price points, etc. exist. As with any product purchased, care must be taken to thoroughly read and understand what is being offered and covered.

    -Independent testing has proven that Diamon-Fusion® makes windshield glass ten times harder to pit, chip, or crack. That is only one of the other benefits, besides water repellency, that it provides. We’d love to talk to you about them and many others, and invite you to revisit our website—or better yet—give us a call toll-free at 1.888.344.4DFI(334).

    -Without detracting from competitors or trying to explain the nuance of each difference, we believe we are the only patented glass coating we know of that has had the extensive testing for safety that we have, will help to keep your insurance claims down by not having a relatively small claim when a full warranty is purchased, and is guaranteed not to haze, peel, or yellow.

    -As one reviewer noted, simply because the properties of the coating diminish somewhat, it does not mean that the coating is gone. Yes, there is maintenance needed; we know of no other coating that has none at all. As also noted, however, the little time it takes to Revitalize Diamon-Fusion®, is well worth the small amount of effort that would need to be done anyway, and with less superior products.

    I hope this response has helped give you more concrete information about Diamon-Fusion®. Please contact us soon and let us do our best to share with you how to avoid a potential problem that may seem relatively minor now, but that could become costly and a big inconvenience in the future.

    Thank you all for your input, especially to those that tried to point out differences and share their positive experiences. We also greatly value the opinions of those with less than perfect experiences as this is how we learn and improve. We hope to have the opportunity to have you as Diamon-Fusion customers in the future.

  • theglassman March 4, 2012, 9:37 am

    Sorry, JJ. No, I am not affiliated with DF but I have tried the product on several of my fleet vehicles as well as my personal vehicle for the specific reason that I was skeptical myself. Yes, I had thought of offering the product through my company. No, I have not as of yet begun to do so because I am not thoroughly convinced of its effectiveness myself. I have also applied it to a few of my customer’s vehicles as a means to track their independent evaluations over the period of several months.

    The prevailing idea that somehow application of this product will prevent a car windshield from breaking or suffering damage for any reason is misguided. Its basically the equivalent of blaming the company that manufactured your car’s clear coat paint when the car’s body gets dented or the paint gets scratched. If you can’t understand that simple analogy then this product is obviously not for you.

  • Jeff May 23, 2013, 11:59 am

    I was surprised to find reapplications were required at least every year for 24.95 plus tax. This was not communicated up front by the reseller. Further the product is only brought up at the time final paperwork is completed with all the other extended products are pitched on my new vehicle.
    Basically you must make up your mind on the spot, or so it seams.

    As mentioned earlier people rarely own vehicle past 5 years.
    The math behind this; $500 to $1000 per initial DF application (lets use $750 for an average) and $25 annually over 5 years is roughly $875.00 plus tax.

    For my vehicle the windshield replacement without insurance runs between $300 and $350. I could replace my windshield every 24 months for roughly the same cost and time.

    Time to replace the windshield is about 4 hours plus the trip there and back. If you replace the windshield twice in 5 years that’s about 4 hours and 4 trips.
    The time to apply the DF coatings is roughly 60 minutes (check in, application time, and check out) each time plus travelling to-and-from, annually. Over 5 years that’s 5-hours and 10 one way trips or 5 round trips.

    The DF representative I spoke with today, stated rain beading will not last a year and from others in this blog, most likely reapplication every 3 to 6 months is required. If the coating is reapplied every 3 to 6 months your costs and time commitment go way up. Both the initial application and reapplications are a couple of wipes, nothing to technical there. They look like wet naps you receive while dinning out on ribs.

    One must ask why at reapplications are not included as a self administered product to at least save your time. For that kind on money a few reapplications should be included. At least for the first 24 to 36 months.

    The product appears to be a good product, just over sold and way to expensive for what you receive. As for the warranty, my deductible is $50 for windshield replacement, which the insurance company stated my premiums wouldn’t go up.

    Sigh… wished there was time for more research before purchasing.

  • James Bambrick June 10, 2013, 1:04 pm

    I strongly recommend that nobody buy this product. They will screw you out of your contract the second they can.

  • DFI, Inc. June 14, 2013, 5:35 pm

    Hi Jeff, James, and Everyone,

    Thanks for your posts. I am a representative of Diamon-Fusion International, and we’d like to take this opportunity to address some of your concerns.

    First, we apologize for the experience you had, James. We’d like to restate that DFI does not control the warranty and that many companies offer a warranty. This is discussed more below, but if you can email the details of your particular issue to marketing@diamonfusion.com, we will do everything possible to help resolve it.

    Next, to answer Jeff’s post:
    • Reapplication is not necessarily needed annually, although some dealerships or applicators could possibly require this. All policies are set by each individual business on what their warranty entails. We are surprised to learn that your dealership is charging $24.95 for a reapplication. This is not typical in our experience. It is more typical that they suggest or require the purchaser of the Diamon-Fusion® treatment to have the windshield Revitalized using our product of the same name, which is often included in the original purchase price. This is actually a plus though, as it will keep the properties of the coating like new, longer! As mentioned, yes, each business decides when and how they will present Diamon-Fusion; often it is at the conclusion of the purchase of a vehicle in the F&I office. We are the owner of the technology, so each dealership or applicator decides their warranty policy, pricing, etc., accordingly. As with any product, care must always be taken to thoroughly read and understand what is being offered and purchased.
    • The math is, therefore, somewhat subjective. Applicators will charge more or less depending on their labor costs, market conditions, and many other criteria and factors. The same with applying Revitalizer; some include it with the purchase price, some do not. As for the cost of the windshield replacement, that can of course vary really widely too, depending on the vehicle. The same with insurance coverages; some will not increase the premiums for windshield replacement, but some will, especially if the insured chooses not to have it written into the policy as a covered item.
    • The time it takes to apply or Revitalize Diamon-Fusion can also vary. With an experienced applicator it will only take a matter of minutes to apply Diamon-Fusion on a brand new vehicle. Revitalizing also only takes a few moments. True, this doesn’t take into account the time needed at the dealership. Obviously when they are busy it will take longer, but you can be sure it’s not because Diamon-Fusion or the Revitalizer take a long time to apply or dry. When they finish applying either one, it can be polished and ready to go immediately.
    • The water repellency and ‘beading’ factor will vary mostly according to region; the harsher the weather is in an area, and if materials like sand are used on the roads in winter, may require more use of windshield wipers, causing more abrasion, and thereby be perceived as not seeming to last as long. This is easily remedied with a quick application of Revitalizer, to bring back the ‘like new’ properties. Yes, they may look like just ‘wet wipes’, but they contain our powerful nanotechnology formula that not only provides a highly hydrophobic coating, but also protects against scratches and impacts even when that water repellency wanes.
    • Again, as far as how these ‘reapplications’ or Revitalizations are done, that’s strictly up to your dealership. As mentioned, some may even give you a Revitalizer NanoPax® towelette to do yourself, or give you the choice to have you come back to the dealership and perform the service for you.
    • Most important to understand is, when a windshield is cracked, it can compromise the safety of the passengers as the windshield is a critical component in a vehicle’s safety system. Unfortunately, because people are busy, they often will drive for days, weeks or even months with that cracked windshield, increasing their odds of being injured in an accident. Diamon-Fusion helps prevent those cracks from occurring, and so increases the overall safety of you and your passengers. So while one could argue that the costs may be the same, the risk of injury is higher without Diamon-Fusion.
    • You also mention that people rarely own a vehicle past 5 years. As it turns out, on average every American owns their vehicles for almost exactly 5 years. A 2012 study by R.L. Polk & Co found that Americans are now holding onto their new vehicles for a record 71.4 months, and when you include used cars, average ownership of a vehicle lasts 57 months, or 4 years and 9 months. (http://www.kbb.com/car-news/all-the-latest/average-length-of-us-vehicle-ownership-hit-an-all_time-high/2000007854/) This is why the typical Diamon-Fusion warranty is 5 years long.

    Last, we’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you about this, so please give us a call toll-free in the US at 1.888.344.4DFI(334), or visit our website at http://www.diamonfusion.com .

    Thank you.

  • Chris July 6, 2013, 7:32 am

    Thanks everyone for the informative posts. The John Eagle Acura dealer here in Houston is trying to sell this service as a dealer add on for new vehicles. I’m always very wary of someone trying to sell dealer add ons on a service. Also its telling when DFI doesn’t support the warranty but its the dealer that has writes the replacement warranty. The dealer wants like $250-300 for this application. If reapplications are required, DFI won’t stand behind the replacement warranty, and my insurance covers glass, this is not worth my money. Unfortunately the dealer automatically puts this new vehicles and uses this as a negotiation tactic.

  • Nick July 23, 2013, 2:41 pm

    Hi, i got DF on my car’s windshield when i purchased it new (i bought it through my friend at the dealership, but a local Auto Glass shop did the application and annual replication). it was expensive… but i thought replacing the windshield will be expensive as well so i thought i’d try. you are prepaying for one or two windshield basically, but if it doesn’t crack then you don’t have to go through the hassle of having it replaced. the primary reason why i got DF was because i did not want my windshield to crack, not really for the water repelling property. i can’t comment on how long it repels water as i clean my car regularly. but i am convinced that the coating does make the windshield stronger. 3 weeks into my new car ownership, a big rock chip (i saw it flying towards my windshield) hit my windshield on the highway, and all it did was chipped off a bit of the glass. it is now two years into the ownership of my car, and i have about 3 of those little chips and one rock actually make the inside of the windshield cracked (maybe 0.5 cm in length), but it has not crack any further. if it wasn’t for DF i believe my windshield would have cracks by now. couple of my friends whom also bought a car around the same time i did, both got rock chips then turned into cracks few months into their ownership.

    i asked the Auto Glass shop (Kings Glass, Calgary Alberta, Canada), the DF coating along without warranty (can only get warranty if purchased through dealership) is $125 CND, annual reapplication cost $25 CND.

    I personally wouldn’t get it through the dealership again because it was expensive with the warranty. but i think it is worth a try if your local auto glass shop offer this product.

  • Nick July 23, 2013, 2:42 pm

    * i should have just gotten the product through Kings Glass, rather letting the dealership making more money… that was my stupidity.

  • Dave Black July 31, 2013, 5:59 pm

    I came across this article while researching protective films for my windshield. I frequently do group charity and “mountain drives” in high-end cars. The wide, sticky tires on the cars in front of me throw tiny bits of gravel – effectively sand-blast my windshield, and creating annoying pits that are visible when driving into the sun.

    I think small pit protection is the real value proposition for a product like this. It sounds like the dealer sold the author on the hydrophobic properties.

  • Frank Thede October 1, 2013, 7:08 pm

    Just bought a new car and I’m seriously considering the diamond fusion finish.

    A few questions for the DFI rep:
    From the test results on your website: “The Institute’s report states that our improved process has a remarkably low coefficient of friction when the glass is wet. He states that when glass is wet, it is by far the “most dangerous period” with regards to the potential for damage. The report says that “we believe that the (main) usefulness of your coating lies in its maintenance of a low friction coating over the life of the glass”. ” If the testing is based on maintaining a low coefficient of friction, which would be evident by the water shedding properties of the glass, from the discussions above, this is precisely the characteristic that needs to be regularly renewed to be effective. It would seem the university’s tests, and the test results, assume the water repellent properties will be regularly maintained. There is no indication that any testing was performed on a weathered windshield nor that the benefits of Diamond fusion would exist if the low frictiopn coating is not regularly maintained.

    It’s too bad the diamond fusion folks don’t actually post the university research report on their website, it unfortunately leaves us to speculate on the test conditions that were used and on the validity of the conclusions in real-life use on a windshield.

    My other question relates to the DFI comment from the March post: “Using most brand name cleaners on the market to clean DFI treated glass is harmful because they are acidic and harsh. Diamon-Fusion® is easily cleaned with just mild soap and water, so no harsh chemicals are needed. ” I live in the northern climate, the use of salt on the roads in the winter is a reality, as is regular use of winterized windshield washer fluid – the windshield washer fluid is formulated like many brand-name glass cleaners, would it be harmful to the diamond fusion finish?

    Just trying to understand.

  • Bill Collett February 6, 2014, 8:47 am

    Just bought a new 2013 F150 and the dealer wanted $399 for the coating. I told him my insurance company, State Farm, has a $5.00 per 6 month rider which allows me to get a new windshield once a year for $10.00. Told the finance guy who was trying to sell me this product and he said, ” Those are seconds. ” Sounds like a scam to me.

  • TLC June 18, 2014, 8:48 am

    We just purchased a new windshield and were “sold” on the DF idea. After all, we were told that the Canadian Army uses it on it’s vehicles, so who wouldn’t want that! Within 10 days, I had a rock fly up into my windshield and a lovely star that spread within minutes … oh, and it’s right in my line of vision and is now 12 inches long and growing. I went back to the glass place here in Calgary, and they are trying to “figure out” what to offer me as this is not actually “guaranteed”. Seriously? First you sell a customer on the product and then you wash your hands of it? No way … total waste of money. When I questioned them about the 6x strength of my windshield, the guy said, “Well, it WOULD have been.” Would have been? Huh? Why DIDN’T it? I’m very disappointed by this product, and the company that sold it to me. The windshield is actually worse than the one I replaced … very poor product indeed. Oh, and on the rain repelling side of things, that was pretty cool, until I noticed that after about the third day of rain, I had a “smear” look on my windshield … it made it more difficult to see clearly. Either this product was installed incorrectly, or it’s just crap … my opinion is the latter.

  • Bob November 13, 2014, 6:49 pm


  • poc February 21, 2015, 2:04 am

    I wished I read all these comments before getting DF warranty on my new vehicle from the dealership. It is a total scam. I paid $1600 for this warranty package. Only after a few months, I noticed pittings on my windshield. I called the 1888 number. The lady told me that pittings are wear and tear issues which are not covered under warranty! I was so mad. The reason I bought this protection is for that reason -preventing the pitting, chips and cracks. According to the rep for DF who commented in this site, DF supposed to increase the strength of the winshield to prevent pitting, chips, and cracking. She at first sounded nice until I challenged her and she told me not to interrupt her while she was talking to me and when I asked her to stop talking and listening to my concerns she hang up on me. I found out she is the manager for the company. I am asking the dealership for my money back. No way I want to deal with this company.

  • Johnny May 23, 2015, 8:58 pm

    Thank you all for posting these comments. Because I came here first to read these posts before buying into this garbage, you have all saved me a small fortune! Thank you very much and I ow you all a debt of gratitude for being honest with me. Fit, I work in a materials test lab and am familiar with what is under discussion here.

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